Everything You Want To Know About Hostingraja Cloud Hosting

The need for Internet is growing day by day so is the services that boost its speed and performance. In the digital world, most of the computer technologies are powered by the race of cloud hosting services.

Let’s discuss cloud hosting. It is the hosting method of outsourcing the computing and storage resource hassle to a service provider that avails it’s infrastructure handlings and business equipment. Moreover, the cloud hosting provider or VPS service provider take the full charge of the services to interface the cloud server for all the reasons of security, administration, and maintenance. This overall helps the customers to configure their hardware and application as per their scalability requirements. Fundamentally,¬† a cloud is worth beginning from the moment when business data should be accessible on more than one computer. There is no denying the fact that these VPS cloud servers connected fundamentally to the different computer devices via OS to provide better and better services.

From the different popular VPS hosting, Hostingraja Cloud hosting is getting popular in India due to its increasing demand for excellent services. The reason for its popularity is the VPS servers connected to high secured data centers via OS with more uptime security and server adaptability. With HostingRaja Cloud Hosting servers, they ensure for a safe cloud-based condition. They offer numerous items and administrations so that the clients will be able to run reliable and adaptable applications. HostingRaja Cloud is secured, fast, and reduces additional expenses on the IT speculations. Their cloud hosting services come with free setup, free migration, Backup, and much more.

What are the Features of Hostingraja Cloud Hosting?

  • Setup of Firewall automatically

With the Firewall support, it is easy to prevent the viruses from attacking your computer connected to servers in parallel connection with the operating system of the network. Hostingraja cloud hosting provides a better guide to stop and help against the malware and spyware too.

  • Integration of auto SSL module

The Hostingraja cloud hosting work as an effective VPS cloud. With the support of VPS cloud that can fasten the process of interfacing and integration of the functionality of SSL module from time to time.

  • Real-Time Malware Scan

There is no denying the fact that software and platform can help in mitigating the malware injection in Linux and other well-known platforms. This helps the PHP framework getting prevented from different malicious attacks.

  • Managing over 150000 websites and more

Hostingraja is providing an excellent platform to the website owners to get started with hosting of services hassle-free. It is one of the reliable platforms to manage and feature of the website with class services.

  • Choose Apache or Ngnix

This cloud hosting provides a different platform to the users to choose on the web servers that are popularly well known among people.

  • Easy to Use With Control Panel

The hosting platform provides an easy interface to use the cloud instances with pre-installed control panel and all necessary associated with control panel.

  • Multi-Cloud And Cloud Mitigation

Hostingraja cloud hosting help customer with a briefing about the cloud cost by efficient cloud strategies. They also help you to migrate your cloud server.

Why buying Hostinraja Cloud Hosting is better than other platforms?

Different prices of the Hosting platforms are:

  • Amazon AWS

Rs 375 per month  (RAM-1GB, CPU-1 core, Disk Space-30GB, Bandwidth-1TB)

  • Digital Ocean

Rs 375 per month (RAM-1GB, CPU-1 core, Disk Space-25GB, Bandwidth-1TB)

  • UpCloud

Rs 375 per month(RAM-1GB, CPU-1 core, Disk Space-25GB, Bandwidth-1TB)

  • MicroHost

Rs 375 per month (RAM-1GB, CPU-1 core, Disk Space-40GB, Bandwidth-1TB)

  • Hostingraja

Rs 350 per month (RAM-1GB, CPU-1 core, Disk Space-30GB, Bandwidth-1TB)

Buying Hostingraja Cloud hosting services in your favor as it is used by a lot of Indian customers and is available with all the advanced functionalities supporting server features.

Why should you Buy Cloud Hosting From Hostingraja?

  • You are ready to use the server that has the VPS interface that supports the system and applications out of the malicious attacks.
  • Setup and all the installation is taken up by the recommended experts to help you better.
  • All our server comes with the quality features that are strong enough to fight against the firewalls.
  • You can also fully manage the functionalities as the company provides all the guide maps in the form of a book.
  • You have the security options to pay and get through the process of GST in India.

Wrapping Up

Yes, after reading this, it is in the hand of the customer to choose the cloud hosting servers. But, not to forgot-if you want to have a good cloud VPS experience then opting for Hostingraja can be beneficial to you.