5 Ways To Promote Your Business Using Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Facebook Messenger

Running an online business is no easy task. It involves thorough planning, execution, and testing. The digital marketing industry keeps on innovating with the latest trends using numerous tools and strategies.

Business owners and marketers are finding creative and innovative ways to promote a campaign or project using different social media platforms. Facebook Messenger, the second most downloaded application of all time is also raising its platform to give new meaning to automation.

According to Chatbots Life, there is a need for every business to move towards marketing automation, this is especially about using chatbots by 2020.

Creating a chatbot gives you the advantage to increase your visibility and grow your audience, with MobileMonkey, a Facebook Messenger chatbot platform it’ll be a lot easier to achieve your goals. You can create your chatbot for your business in just a matter of minutes without writing a single code.

Let’s discuss 5 ways of promoting your business using Facebook Messenger chatbots:

  • For Digital Marketing — to drive more leads and sales to your business

According to Chatbots Life, 63% of consumers think that businesses should be on Facebook Messenger. This is because this is considered one of the fastest ways to reach out to your business. Most of the times, customer prefer to purchase products with a business they can easily reach out to. This would help increase both your leads and sales.

  • Facebook Messenger chatbot can help reduce your marketing costs

To get a better understanding of this, here’s a case study conducted by MobileMonkey showing how to cut the cost of lead acquisition from $150 to $50 with the use of Facebook Messenger chatbot. Similarly, other brands such as Tommy Hilfiger’s use of chatbot increased their returning customers to 87%, and Sephora’s average customer spent was increased to $50.

  • Helps increase conversion from 3x to 5x, better than desktop ads

The reason behind this is because most Facebook users are on mobile and frequently engage in Messenger. There is also about 84% open rate of messages are sent using Messenger, according to a report from Chatbots Life. With this, you’re sure to deliver your campaign and promotions through Messenger.

  • Chatbots help you segment your audience

Keep in mind that it is important to be able to segment your audience to have a better understanding of what they want and need. Through segmentation, you’ll be able to determine their preferences when it comes to choosing and purchasing a product and use this to your advantage on sending different chat blasts.

  • Program your chatbots to answer your customers’ basic inquiries and questions

This is an opportunity for you to improve your customer service because you can create and program your chatbot to answer basic inquiries and questions about your products and services. This would make your customer service more efficient and functional. You may want to review your unanswered questions on a weekly basis just so you can update and improve your chatbot to come up with a more personalized experience for your customers.

Think about all the benefits of using a Facebook Messenger chatbot to promote your business and benefit from it, not just by increasing your conversions but also making sure that you’ll have a successful digital marketing campaign result.