About Settings In Facebook Messenger: New Features You’re Not Using

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

FB Messenger is not just an application to communicate with the people you know. Since the split from its flagship application Facebook a couple of years ago, it is added a lot of new capabilities and features. Not only that, it increased its users to a staggering 600 million users.

Earlier this year, FB added a free feature that lets you send money to people you know through Facebook Messenger, a desktop client and video chat feature. They also launched an excellent platform for developers and inaugurated a new way for customers to connect with a company representative.

However, Facebook’s fast-paced innovation makes it a lot easier to miss what is new with their application. Here are some new recent additions that you can use, plus Facebook Messenger settings that you need to know about.

Play games and more

During Facebook’s F8 conference, the company announced its new Messenger Platform. It will let the 600 million app users create an application that integrates with the apps. A lot of messaging applications that are available for download feature new GIFs, meme generators and emoticons.

However, earlier this year, the company pushed its first in-app game: Doodle Draw Game. It is an online version of the game Pictionary that you can play with your family and friends inside the chat window. Because of this, it joins its rival chat application WeChat, Viber and Line, who already supported in-app games.

To download the application, you need to open a conversation with anyone and click the “More” button. Scroll down through the list of apps to find the one that you like to add and click Install. The application will install on your smartphone, tablet or PC immediately. To access the games within the Messenger, click the More button and select the game that you like from the list.

Download FB Messenger for PC or desktop

If you have logged in to Facebook to check your messages and find yourself browsing your newsfeed instead, there is a more productive solution – FB Messenger for PC or desktop. The separate website, which FB launched a few years back, gives the customers access to their messages without any distractions from the main site.

The desktop version mimics the mobile application, but with two additional layouts: You will find the list of conversations you are in on the left side and the content of the messages on the right. The PC or desktop version has all the capabilities and features, as well as settings as the Messenger app. You can still send emoticons, photos, video chat and place phone calls using this version.

To find out more about this apps, you can check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook_Messenger for more information.

Share user’s location

Before, Facebook will automatically log out, your precise location and pinpointed it on the map that your family and friends could view – unless the user will turn it off. Earlier this year, FB removed this practice and instead launched an optional location-sharing feature.

For users to share the location with the family and friends, click the location button or the More icon at the bottom of the screen. If you want people to know the restaurant you are in, search for the restaurant’s name and send the location’s map. If you are running late, you can send a map of where you are currently located to your family and friends letting them know how far you are.

Video chat

When sending a message or placing a voice call is not enough, Messenger will now let users do a video chat. This feature that was launched a few months back allows people to make a video call from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to the Internet, and it works across different platforms too.

Android users can setup a video call to their friends and family using iOS devices or vice versa. The calls are free of charge, but you will be charged for internet use or the data if you are not connected to Wi-Fi. To place the call, you can tap the video icon on the top-right corner of the app. If the icon is colored gray, the user on the other side can’t accept the call.

Mute notification

When a group message gets a little bit annoying, you can take a time-out from alerts by muting the notification. You will still receive messages and check them from time to time, but you will not hear the device buzz or beep every time people on the group message you.

To mute the notification from any conversation, open up the application, tap the names of the person or the group you want to mute, tap the notification and select how many minutes, hours or days you want to mute them. You can mute them for 15 minutes, an hour, the whole day or until you unmute them or turn the notification on.

Send money

Earlier this year, FB launched a new feature that lets people send money to their friends and family using the Messenger app. They do not charge a fee to use it. To send money, open a new message window with the person you want to send money in.

To find out more about sending money through Facebook, click here.

Tap the dollar icon at the bottom and enter the desired amount you wish to send to them. Tap Pay in the top right and add your credit or debit card details. Your friends or family will receive a notification in their Messenger that will prompt them to enter their card details to receive the sent amount.