Guide to Digital Vinyl Systems

Guide to Digital Vinyl Systems

Digital Vinyl Systems or DVS allows the DJ to use the analogue turntables or traditional DJ CD players to control the digital media that is stored in the computer. It is done using DJ software and digital music files in the system. It helps in preserving the feel of DJing with vinyl or CD player platters. With the advancement of technology DJing digitally has enabled digital DJing without having to replace the home set-up.

DVS systems were used to convert the existing gear to work with laptops and software. And these are still the preferred way to DJ for many. And the reasons for this – DJ software have progressed their technology over the years. But the major reasons are –

Ease of use:

DVS system is easy to use, as you don’t have to overwhelm yourself with different features in it. The simpler versions are the best for actual mixing.


Using turntables is pretty expensive, especially in a long run and is not easy to maintain. If you are on a limited budget, check out the best DVS system which could be over a hundred dollar, which is an affordable price.

Types of Digital Vinyl Systems

There are different types of DVS systems.  It is best to choose the one that relates to your specific needs.

DVS-Enabled Audio Interface

It is the box that connects to the mixer and a pair of turntables. It is best to use the DVs enabled audio interface of you already have a pair of turntables or DJ CD player and a mixer.  A DVS-enabled audio interface is the most affordable DVS you can get in the market.

DVS-Enabled Controller

DJ controllers provide the flexibility to DJ using the controller or it can be paired with decks. A controller is easy to transport, and in case you wish to DJ digitally without DVS, it is the best choice you could make. But the disadvantage of using DVS-enabled controller is that it takes up a significant amount of space than the mixer. So you might need additional space for the turntables and DJ CD players.

DVS-Enabled Mixer

The DVS-enabled mixer is easy to set up. But, it is an expensive model when bundled with the software licences. But It’s now probably a good time to mention that we price match all UK DJ stores, so you can’t get better than what we offer for the DVS Enabled mixer at our store. The two turntables and a mixer makes it heavy and bulky. And so it is not easy to load or for transportation. The system works by connecting the pair of turntables to the mixer. The mixer has the internal software that helps with the mixing. There is a mixer that helps in using the DVS and allows you to connect them to the standalone players.

So, when you do not have the modern controller and CDJs, it is worth using the Digital Vinyl System for DJ. When you have the turntables, it is perfect to use the DVS and take the advantage of the technological advancements that happened to it in the last few decades. It is the best choice if you choose to have the DJ the old school way. Are you looking to buy your DVS, check our online store for more ideas? The Disc will help you find the best.