[Hack PS]Add More Games On The Playstation Classic

Playstation Classic

Sony’s PlayStation Classic is a far more attractive proposition following last month’s significant price cut (it’s even cheaper today) but if you need an additional reason to buy and afraid of modding, the release of True Blue Mini may be just what the doctor ordered. True Blue Mini is USB Stick Storage with preloaded ps1 games for the PlayStation Classic. With it, you can add more your favorite games to the console.

What’s more, as reported, the console uses a well-known emulator. In the first few days after the release of the console games have found first ways to hack the device. The first step was the so-called ESC trick. If you can connect a keyboard to one of the two front USB ports, you can press the ESC key during a game and you will be in the menu of the emulator. Now cracking ps classic mini can even be simple, here we will introduce you a tutorial on hacking ps classic without keyboard. With a bit of tinkering, a USB stick and a bit of software you are actually able to play any Playstation game you want!

Why should I hack the Playstation Classic?

The big advantage of hacking the Playstation Classic is that you have the option to install more games on the Playstation Classic.

Even if with e.g. Metal Gear Solid, Tekken 3 or Final Fantasy 7 are some of the pearls, so there are a lot of games that the fans of the former Playstation 1 painfully miss. Just a few titles that spontaneously come to mind when writing the post and with which I have spent countless hours before the Playstation:

  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Tony Hawks Pro Skater
  • Pro evolution Soccer
  • Wipeout
  • Soul Edge
  • Gran Turismo
  • Tenchu

What do I need to hack the Playstation Classic?

Attention: Even if the probability is low and the financial risk manageable, in the worst case it can happen that your Playstation Classic breaks down with the hack. You should be aware of this before you make the hack. Also you can not claim the warranty in case of another defect.

To be able to tackle the project you need the following items:

  • Playstation Classic incl. USB cable
  • USB stick best with USB 2.0
  • Bleemsync (current version 1.0.1)
  • A Mac or Windows PC

Instructions: Hack Playstation Classic

Step 1 – Prepare USB stick

The USB stick should have the format FAT32. If so
should not be the case you would have to format the stick in advance. If there are still data on the stick they will be deleted. Then you have to rename the stick in SONY

Step 2 – Download Bleemsync

If you have not downloaded Bleemsync (https://github.com/pathartl/BleemSync/releases/download/1.0.1/BleemSync1.0.1.zip) yet you should do it now and unpack the file. Then copy the files to the prepared USB stick from step 1.

Step 3 – Hack Playstation Classic

Now comes the first time the Playstation Classic used. Disconnects the console completely from the power and puts the USB stick in the port for the second controller.

Then you insert the power cable and wait until the orange light comes on. Now start the console by pressing the button. The console will start briefly, cancel and then start again. In the end, you’ll then see that the hack has been successful
is. The console then shuts down after some time and the light on the Powerbutton lights orange again.

Step 4 – Check if the hack was successful (optional)

To check whether the hack has been successful, you restart the Playstation Classic once it has been automatically shut down. However, only after the orange light shines again.
If the options “Retroarch” and “Bleemsync” appear, the hack was successful. That looks great

Step 5 – Copy new games to the Playstation Classic

For this you take the Playstation Classic and remove both the HDMI cable and the controller. Only the USB cable (preferably the cable that comes with the Playstation Classic) and the USB stick should be connected to the Playstation. Insert the other end of the USB cable into the USB port of your computer.

When the orange light comes on, you can turn on the Playstation (which is only connected to your computer). Wait some time (about 1 minute) and enter the following URL in your internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome): http://www.bleemsyncui.com/

Your browser should guide you to the Playstation interface after a short while, so you can install new games.

Via the Browse … button at the top right you can upload the typical Playstation .bin and .cue files.

Afterwards the system draws further information like the cover itself.

Then you can then copy the game via ADD Game to the Playstation or the USB stick. In Game Manager you can see what games you have added.

Step 6 – Connect Playstation to the TV

If you’ve copied all games to the Playstation so far presses the power button and wait until it turns orange again. Then you can connect the Playstation Classic back to the TV and start. If you select Bleemsync in the menu, the game selection menu appears after a short time. The newly added games can now be found and started.

Bleemsync vs True blue mini

True Blue Mini is a simple plug-and-play device that adds hundreds of PS1 games to your PlayStation Classic collection by simply inserting the dongle into the USB controller port of your console. Includes a mini USB hub so you can enjoy all the fantastic 2-player games without losing your second controller!

According to the official site:

  • True Blue Mini is the latest enhancement software for the PlayStation Classic game. We only use high quality components and guarantee 100% Plug & Play compatibility with your console, for all regions and at all times.

So which is a better choice for cracking PS mini than the Bleemsync cracking method described above?

  • First of all, the Bleemsync method is free, and the operation is not complicated. If you don’t want to spend money and don’t fear that the ps console is damaged, Bleemsync is definitely the best choice.
  • Secondly, the true blue mini is not expensive. A Fight/Weed/Crackhead/Meth pack is worth only $30 and contains 58-101 games for each. The advantage is that it is ready to use and does not require any extra operations. And it’s all pre-installed hot games, don’t worry about the infringement problem of downloading roms online.

In fact, I personally recommend true blue mini to add more games on PlayStation Classic, spend more money, and have less trouble.