MilesWeb VPS Hosting: Are They Still Good to Switch in 2021 After Shared Hosting?

VPS Hosting_ Are They Still Good to Switch in 2021 After Shared Hosting_

Being a start-up, you can always opt for shared hosting plan and save a good amount of money. But as your business starts growing, it becomes essential to upgrade the hosting plan. There are many start-ups that continue using the shared hosting plan. However, it can prove to be dangerous for your business. In this article, you will learn about some strong reasons of upgrading the hosting plan and selecting a VPS hosting package for your business.

Reasons to Upgrade to VPS Hosting

Shared Hosting can have a Negative Effect

There are a lot of resources invested in planning for the seasonal and weekend sales for pulling more traffic and earning higher revenue. When you have limited resources or incompetent hosting plan, those can lead to high loading speed and downtime and ultimately, this will annoy your customers. So, it is important to increase hosting resources.

  • Rather than waiting for your site to get loaded, the visitors will simply click the cross button and check the other options.
  • You will lose sales and also, face the risk of negative online reputations.
  • Due to the negative reviews on social sites even potential shoppers will get discouraged thus, losing you future potential too.
  • Moreover, it can increase the negative SEO indicators like closing your site within 3-4 seconds, hitting back button, negative Google reviews, etc.

The effect of this will be loss of revenue, sales opportunities, and clients, and a bad reputation. Would you like that, no right? After upgrading to VPS hosting plan, you get the best speed and availability at affordable pricing.

No One is looking for a Failure Strategy

The basic reason why people opt for online shopping is to get rid of the delays and queues. It means if your website is slow it will defeat the buyer’s objectives and doesn’t offer them any positive reason for purchasing from your online store. Well, this strategy is surely going to fail, right? Most of the people access the internet via their mobiles and demand high speed and performance. So, you might lose a great section of mobile shoppers.

 VPS Hosting indicates High Availability and Premium Experience

In the shared hosting, the resources are divided between many clients and it is the key reason for the fluctuations especially, when there are high traffic spikes. If there aren’t sufficient resources, it has a negative effect on speed and availability.

  • With VPS hosting, you will have dedicated resources that are available to you 24X7.
  • When you get availability of dedicated resources for 24*7, it helps in supporting the traffic spikes without having a negative effect on speed or availability
  • Moreover, the clients would also get more control over the resources and it allows them to use the resources for meeting their requirements.

Invest a Bit More to Gain Solid Output

When there is more traffic, it means more rewards but it also means more responsibilities. As the number of visitors increase, the frequency of visits, time spent and number of activities will also increase. Make sure that your hosting plan offers sufficient resources and features for comfortably supporting the traffic.

  • One can’t expect to deliver the premium experience to your clients with limited or unknown resource availability of the shared hosting plan.
  • You have worked a lot on getting good resources for building a reputation and attracting more traffic to your site.
  • It would be good if you add a little more amount and upgrade your hosting plan to VPS so that your visitors will be happy.

It will help to increase conversion opportunities for a long time.

Introduction to MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting company that has won several awards. It is an independent web hosting company established in 2012. Their range of web hosting plans includes shared, dedicated, reseller, cloud, WordPress and managed and unmanaged VPS hosting. They cater more than 20,000 customers with their web hosting services. They have a dedicated team that offers 24/7 support via live chat and email.

Managed VPS Hosting Plan

Managed VPS Hosting Plan


  • Choose Your Control Panel
  • Multiple Choice of Operating Systems
  • Free Website Migration
  • Cloud-Powered VPS
  • Enterprise-Grade Hardware
  • Solid-State Drives
  • Free VPS Management
  • SSH and Root Access
  • Resource Monitoring Dashboard
  • Host Unlimited Sites
  • Instant Provisioning
  • No Setup Fee
  • Robust Infrastructure


You now have got an idea that why you should upgrade to VPS hosting. Also, managed VPS hosting by MilesWeb can’t be ignored as you get all the significant features to take your website to the next level with the scalable infrastructure. So, signup for their managed VPS hosting plans without giving a second thought and one up your website level.