Six Points to Look at While Finalizing E Beam Lithography Companies

Six Points to Look at While Finalizing E Beam Lithography Companies

Are you planning to invest in e-beam lithography technology? A comparison of what different lithography companies offer is essential. So, what are some of the qualities to look out for when sourcing lithography systems? In this post, we outline some of the critical factors to put into consideration.

1.  Level of Experience

When investing in solutions or equipment that require a considerable amount of money, the first item to ensure is to go for companies with years of experience in the manufacture and supply of the equipment or solutions you want to acquire. When it comes to ebeam lithography systems, make sure you are sourcing from a company with years of experience handling different lithography systems.

2.  Reputation

What reputation does the lithography companies you are considering have? Always search online reviews to rate the quality of service. It is essential to ensure that you are engaging a manufacturer who already has a good reputation when it comes to e beam lithography. Besides, make sure the customer service is excellent because you will need after-sale services or contact the customer desk for any emerging issues.

Consider that the lithography systems are technical equipment, and you may require to consult the manufacturer for assistance in setting up or installing applications. Therefore, the customer service desk has to e responsive throughout. Do not purchase the lithography systems from companies that may not be there to provide 24/7 assistance.

3.  What is the Total Cost?

Budget is an essential factor for any investment. So, how much are you looking at spending when it comes to lithography systems? Determine the budget, then go out shopping for the lithography companies that match your set budget. Do not compromise quality when it comes to lithography machines. If you have a limited budget, you would better talk to the lithography company to agree on how best they can help you acquire the system on a budget.

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4.  Involve an Expert

An expert will; advise you when it comes to qualities of the lithography system features you are about to purchase. Therefore, if you are a newbie in lithography systems, we advise that you look for an expert who can help you evaluate the usage to ensure you go for the machine that provides all the essential functionalities.

5.  Product Features

Does the lithography company provide a lithography system that provides all the essential features? The quality of the lithography equipment has ramifications over and above the unit cost on your balance sheet. Therefore, if there are any issues to do with the product’s quality, it becomes much more challenging to address after you have already invested. In some cases, you may be forced to purchase another lithography system to achieve your desired quality. Bear in mind that low quality will affect everything downstream.

6.  What  Value Added Services Do You Get?

Before you have purchased an E-beam lithography system, we advise that you consider the value-added services you are getting from the manufacturer. To find out, you may call the manufacturer or authorized dealers. Besides, this information would be made available through the company’s website. Therefore, seek to know whether the manufacturer provides extra services. Some offers to look out for include pack and freight fee for the equipment. Other manufacturers offer shipping and installation at no cost. Therefore, verify with the manufacturer whether they are offering value-added solutions with every purchase made.


We have looked at the essential factors to consider when purchasing the ebeam lithography. Therefore, the next time you are comparing the ebeam lithography companies, ensure you consider the points elaborated in this article.