Solar power plants in Lithuania

Solar power plants in Lithuania

Solar power plants can be divided into different types of technology. Each one, with a different approach and operation.

In this article, you can find the differences between the different types of solar power plants in Europe and in Lithuania.

Types of solar power plants in Lithuania

There are three types of solar power plants. Below, we explain them to you:

Photovoltaic solar panels.

Photovoltaic solar panels are those that work thanks to the sun’s rays. Lighting is what these systems need in order to be transformed into electricity.

There are two types of photovoltaic solar panels, which are crystalline and amorphous. The crystalline ones are divided into monocrystalline and polycrystalline.

The efficiency of each photovoltaic solar panel may vary depending on the material, weight and size of the panel.

Thermal solar panels

A thermal solar panel is one that works specifically to heat liquids. It is used especially to generate heat and make water warm by means of thermal energy.

These panels work by temperature and not by illumination, as compared to photovoltaic solar panels. Thermal energy is what these panels need to perform the function of heating liquids.

Hybrid solar panels (photovoltaic + thermal)

Hybrid solar panels, as their name suggests, are modules that perform the functions of both technologies at the same time. In other words, a single panel can perform the function of a photovoltaic panel and a thermal panel at the same time.

Thanks to this hybrid technological advance, the solar panel can transform thermal energy and solar energy. It should be noted that there are different types of hybrid modules that have their own variations.

Advantages of solar power plants in Lithuania

Photovoltaic solar power plants

No negative impact on the environment. The operations of these plants do not negatively impact the environment.

The energy is 100% renewable and abundant. There will always be energy from the sun to be transformed into electricity. In addition to being abundant enough.

They reduce utility costs. Thanks to individual energy production, no electricity taxes are paid.

Solar thermal power plants

Reduce electricity costs. Heating and related costs are reduced with a solar thermal power plant.

Ecological and effective system. It preserves the quality of the environment and does its job efficiently.

Shared and individual power plants. These power plants can be installed in your home or you can enjoy their advantages from a solar thermal power plant center.

Hybrid solar power plants

The best option for more humble areas. Installation costs can be less expensive. On the other hand, they take up less space.

Dual function in one module. It is possible to have two different functions (thermal and photovoltaic) in the same module.

Simpler maintenance.

Disadvantages of solar power plants in Lithuania

Photovoltaic solar power plants

Requires a lot of space for installation. These types of solar power plants need considerable space to be positioned. Many residences do not have this space.

Module costs are high. Although they reduce electric utility costs, installation and maintenance can be costly.

Variation of sunlight. They are not very efficient when there is not enough illumination from the sun’s rays.

Solar thermal power plants

Low effectiveness in low temperature seasons. Since this type of plants require heat in temperature, cold seasons can hinder the efficiency of the system.

Requires constant maintenance. They are power plants that require constant maintenance and revision.

There are few plants of this type. There are no solar thermal power plants in the country.

Hybrid solar power plants

The abundance of energy is not much. By performing two functions at the same time, it is dividing its efficiency.

Other types of plants are more efficient. Hybrids are not as efficient as plants dedicated to transforming only one type of solar energy.

There is not much variety of hybrid models. There are no varieties of hybrid solar power plant models on the market. This limits the needs of buyers.

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