The Incredible Software For Video Recording!

The Incredible Software For Video Recording!

We all are familiar with the voices that usually we receive while we dialled the number of particular brand-customer services. Have you all wondered what is the system behind it? We sometimes chide away with the voice only communicating with us and commanding us to press some of our device keys without making us talk to the human agent of the company. But that robotic voice solves our query on behalf of the required company. Amazing, isn’t it?

What is IVR?

Well, that system behind that robotic voice is what we call IVR. To explain it further, IVR that stands for Interactive Voice Response is another creative production by the IT employees. This technology is an automated phone system that allows the caller to make a call to communicate with the pre-recorded messages in a robotic voice without making you speak with the human agent. Moreover, this system also allows you to use your keypad to make your call link to the appropriate department of the company.

Today the IVR system is enabling a number of companies to get their voice messages recorded enabling them to attend a huge number of callers at a given point in time. IVR makes it possible to enroot the customer to make their call connected to the best centre agent and solve their queries without making them wait for hours.

Being an automated system, Interactive Voice Response(IVR) Allows all the incoming callers in accessing the information through a voice response system of prerecorded robotic messages without directly speaking to the human agent. Meanwhile, it also allows you to make use of menu options by touching the keypad while still attending the call.

Voximplant is a well-known platform to help companies create their customized scripts for calling. Various companies can build the Cloud Contact Centre on the provided platform in less than a week. This allows you to connect callers to the required operators with the help of making the communication automated. All types of inbound and outbound calls of the customers worldwide.

A Programmed Video Conferencing Software

Voximplant has introduced an efficient video conferencing software which allows the companies to add video calling and video conferencing from anywhere with the help of API accessing from the voximplant’s acquired services with the serverless facility.  Voximplant provides affordable services to its customers and takes every essential step to improve the processing of the contact. Major services provided by the Voximplant video conferencing software are-

Sip Trunking Infrastructure

This infrastructure stands for Session Initiation Protocol; this helps in getting the required calls processed via the internet get recorded for the company. With the help of SIP-telephony, you can manage all the multimedia communications related to audio or video calls. SIP service provided by Voximplant helps in updating, managing, evolving or ending the real-time calling sessions. This helps you to connect multiple callers on one single line.

Video Recording Facility

This service is used by companies to get the records of the information. Voximplant recently announced the facility of video recording that would help in recording the calls in any of the preferable streams such as either by signalling or by actual voice or the video data as per the company required. The recorded calls can be further delivered to a number of customers who were not able to get connected to the company call within real-time.

Broadcasting The Video Call

The major use of video conferencing is broadcasting to a wide range. The broadcasting platform not only spread the information worldwide, to the majority of people connected with it but also, helpful in making the work easier. As companies can hold on to and communicate with every customer efficiently.  Voximplant allows the broadcasting of calls to multiple platforms across the mobile or through web operated devices.

Merging The Conference

The video conference software by Voximplant helps in uniting up all the PSTN, SIP, WebRTC connected to the conference by various devices with the use of a single API.

Voximplant platforms have intriguing components that are easy to use. It allows the customer requirements that can be used by the web developers of various companies by allowing direct call control through Javascript. Here the developer of a company can solemnly add or subtract the commands to be required by him. This facility provided by the Voximplant is proving beneficial to the companies. As they call the number of their clients in a day, they want assurance of their security by hiding their call details.

How to Hide the Phone Number?

Voximplant allows its user to mask or hide their numbers by just switching their real numbers to test numbers and by submitting the required application to the voximplant cloud. The phone number of the company client can get masked or hidden within no time.

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