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Apps for Fashion

People today are always on the lookout for different trends and developments in the fashion industry. Fashionistas always want to wear the most hip apparel and accessories available. For this, they try to follow their favorite stars and celebrities. Many trendsetting stars include Emma Watson, Robert Downy Jr. Ryan Reynolds, Chris Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, the Kardashians and many other individuals.

You can also have a look at different entertainment channels that share the latest updates, recommendations from designers, latest ramp walks and so many other programs that can help you get an idea of what’s trending throughout the world. You can have a look at fashion and lifestyle programs on channels offered by Spectrum Select offered by Spectrum Cable TV at an affordable price. You can also use different apps if you are an iPhone user that can get all the information that you seek and almost all the brands that you want to shop at your ease. Also, you can get different applications that can help you get discounts on different brands. Here are a few useful apps that you can use as a fashion enthusiast:


The app is more like an interactive gaming app founded by Lucy Yeomans. One can dress up their photo-realistic avatar and buy their pieces using Farfetch. There are a number of luxury brands that you might come across including Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Burberry and many others to help you create your dream wardrobe. You can put your fashion skills to good use and play one of the highly interactive games. While playing the game, you can discover the newest trends and pull together the latest looks and the styling portfolio.


The app helps your stylist to get in your pocket and offers premium and personalized styling to users. You can connect with a stylist of your preference and buy whatever you love. The app is launched by Karla Welch who is a stylist for Tracee Ellis Rose, Elisabeth Moss and many other celebrities. The app makes styling for you very easy and affordable depending on the information that you provide and let your stylist take care of the rest.


If you are a fashion collector then you must have a lot of clothes and accessories that might be lying around, being spoiled just like that. One of the ways to earn some extra money is to rent them out to somebody who can pay you a few extra dollars. This app can help you rent your clothes on a per-day basis according to your wish. The owners of the app are looking forward to add more capabilities to the app. The other aspect of the app is to make luxury and vintage accessories more accessible to people.


Nate is one of the recently launched apps that can help you by making shopping for different products online a hassle-free process. It collects data from the onset and makes your product checkouts and shopping experience very easy. You can use the app to shop online and save products using an in-app list that it can share on its social media channels. Also, there is an additional feature that can help you send gifts to fellow Nate users just by adding their phone numbers. The app is surely going to help users who make frequent purchases online

Stitch Fix

The app helps you receive hand-selected clothes that suit your style. The app is the best pick for women, kids and men as well. You can use the app without any subscription and schedule when you want to get the app. The app works using a very mechanism when the user shares the style, their size and the preferred price with the stylist, receives your clothing and other accessories so that you can try the same at home. You can keep the stuff that you like and send back whatever you think is not the best fit for you or doesn’t match with your style. The app also helps you to get advice on ways you want to put together your outfit and access your Style Card for Fix using the app.

Final Words

These apps are one of the best options for people looking for the perfect look and the perfect outfit for an upcoming prom night, family dinner, reunion or any other occasion. These apps also serve the purpose of making luxury clothes and accessories within your reach and even earn by making your old dresses or accessories available for users who want to rent out luxury dresses and suiting. All you need to do is simply download an app that fits your needs.

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