Kawasaki Vulcan S Aftermarket Parts and Accessories Buying Guide

Kawasaki Vulcan

One of the great pleasures of motorcycle ownership is the feeling of freedom you get on the open road. This is perhaps most notable for cruisers. They are the ultimate expression of the independent spirit of riding. Of course, you can get even more from that experience with a few upgrades. Below are some Kawasaki Vulcan S aftermarket parts and accessories to consider.

Clutch Kit

An aftermarket clutch kit can enable you to get more power and performance from your Vulcan S without making a major engine modification. A performance clutch can help you get more power from all your gears. Additionally, aftermarket solutions often last longer than OEM parts.

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Check out the Rekluse Torq-Drive Clutch Pack. It is designed to maximize drive power throughout the gear range. It especially benefits the lower end, making accelerate from a stop and out of corners easier. Your powertrains can lose a lot of torque from the break at the clutch. This kit is a great way to minimize that loss and get more torque to the wheels.

Steering Stem Bearings

While the Kawasaki Vulcan S offers a nice, smooth steering feel with plenty of control, the bearings can wear out over time. This results in a less-than-ideal riding experience. Upgrading the steering stem bearings with aftermarket alternatives can both refresh your steering and also give you an upgrade over stock.

One kit to consider is the All Balls Motorcycle Steering Stem Bearing Kit. It replaces ball-style bearings to tapered bearings. This means you get a tougher bearing assembly that will last longer and provide a smooth steering feel.

New Riding Gear

The riding experience isn’t just about the bike. Having the right gear for your riding style can help you look the part and get more utility from your motorcycle. The huge variety of motorcycle riding gear online can give you all the pockets, protection and convenience you need.

Don’t forget to get a rated and effective helmet. The best options are Snell certified for impact resistance. Also, look for DOT and ECE rated. Full-face helmets are ideal for protection, but even half helmets are a major upgrade over nothing.

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Performance Oil Filter

When you take your bike in for servicing, you likely settle for a basic oil filter. This may be a mistake. Consider upgrading to a performance aftermarket filter. The flow of fluids through your engine helps keep everything running right. Top-end filters help keep unwanted contaminants out of your engine. They also maximize the flowrate, ensuring your engine always has the oil it needs.

Check out the K&N Powersports Oil Filter. There are few better options for filtration than K&N products. This premium filter will keep your bike running optimally all day long.

Upgrade Today

Whether you need aftermarket parts or new motorcycle helmets, you’ll be glad you upgraded. The Kawasaki Vulcan S riding experience is significantly better when you have a well-looked-after bike and all the accessories you need. Take a look online today to see what you could get to bring your motorcycle ownership experience to the next level.