What Makes Shared Hosting Cost-Efficient?

What Makes Shared Hosting Cost-Efficient?

For someone who is a newbie and just starting with their first website, they may get confused by the various web hosting available in the market. But for people or organizations on a budget, Shared Hosting seems to be the only feasible choice. The average price for a Shared Hosting plan is usually between Rs 199-700 per month. For this very reason, Shared Hosting has captured a large market among newcomers and even for veterans who expects low traffic to their website. To understand the reason behind the low cost of a Shared Hosting plan, we need to first look at how a Shared Hosting works?

What is Shared Hosting and how it works?

Shared Hosting is a type of hosting where the physical server is shared between many websites. Instead of the server being dedicated to one website, in Shared Hosting, all the resources of the server like CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth is used by multiple websites. However, a particular client would not know about other users or websites hosted on the server. Every client has their own allocated resources, emails and database. The cost of the server is also shared among the clients; therefore, each website can be hosted at a very nominal price. This is in contrast to a Dedicated Server Hosting, where the complete server and their resources are dedicated to one website and thus can be very pricey. Shared Hosting serves the purpose of bloggers and small business websites on a low budget perfectly.

Why is Shared Hosting cost-efficient?

Let us understand the working of Shared Hosting and the reason for it being cost saving with a metaphor. Dedicated Hosting is like living in your own house, let us assume a two-room flat. You bear all the expenses and control of maintaining it. However, Shared Hosting can be seen as sharing a flat with roommates, wherein you keep one room to yourself, while the other room is rented out to someone else. Doing this will drastically decrease the cost per head as all the major expenses are shared between the flatmates.

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Benefits of Shared Hosting

Despite being low-priced, Shared Hosting offers many benefits for blogger and small business websites. The management lies with the host providers leaving you to concentrate on other important works. Also, it comes with the user-friendly control panels like cPanel or the Plesk. Most of the technical maintenance cost is tolerated by the hosting provider, leaving you with more cash in your pocket.


There are many types of web hosting in India. However, Shared Hosting provides the most for your money. It is an ideal hosting platform to run small to medium-sized websites. It is considered to be a good option to kick start your online dreams. As your business grows, you always have the option to migrate to another hosting.